Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hi everyone!!
It has been a very long time since I have been able to catch up on my sweet blog, so here it goes :)
Things have been moving quickly, dear sweet grand babe is growing like a weed :)
One of the many fun things about him is he LOVES to cook, yeppers cook/bake & eat :) 


I am so excited because this is a cherished memory I have of being a "tippy toe helper" in my mommom's kitchen growing up. This is where we shared many stories as I grew and we formed that special bond that is dear to my heart. 

I have always said if I could be half of the wonderful person my sweet mommom was when I am old, then I would feel that I accomplished more in life then anything.
 She was so full of  kindness, love, a generous heart , peace, patience, joy, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

So instead of waiting for the typical time to start a "New Year's Resolution" (that we all know we eventually break) I am starting my "GOAL" of becoming a woman that has a heart of love, joy for others, showing the peace and kindness to all that pass by me. 
This is what my sweet grandparents had shown us kids during their years on earth.

So this year,each day pick one of the "gifts" below and do it for a whole day, then repeat till you have went through them all, do this for the whole month and you will see an amazing change in everything around you.


Merry Christmas to all.
  This is a  old picture of our dog Winnie, he was a funny boy and a great friend who is deeply missed. BUT he gave us many laughter along his years so I just wanted to share a picture of how funny and what a great furbaby he was :)

Hugs & Love to all :)


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