Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mini catch up :)

WOW my poor little blog has been neglected for months :(
So here is just a brief update on what i have been doing :)
Playing with my sweet grandbabe!!!!! xoxoxoxo
Preschool came to an end in the beginning of May, so now i am home, with hopes of doing in home childcare this summer :) yeaaa  fun time!!!
Then i also have a few new goodies up my sleeve that I have been trying to figure out, i am wanting things that are refreshing for the summer months and with one bite you just wanna gobble up the whole batch!!! lolol
So here is a few pictures of the sweet granbabe who is starting to walk, getting into everything, and is a Houdini when it comes to getting out his exersaucer!! He is a extremely courious babe, and let me tell you his parents are gonna have their hands full!!!! heeheee he is only 10 months old and is about to go full speed, you can see it in his happy eyes when he looks at you!!!!! 
So enjoy a little happiness with the pictures :)

HUGGGGSSS & LUV sent your way :)


KK tiandi said...

He is so adorable :)

Kim~Stay Joyful said...

He is a doll!!!!! <3