Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year New YOU :)

Well another new year is upon us. I know we all think of resolutions to make, but only to break in a few weeks, so for my "new year new you" is going to be to concentrate on me, loving myself for all the imperfections that can turn out to be some great qualities. 
After all we are all imperfect and i feel we should not dwell on these things, so lets have a great year and turn them around. 
It seems to be when you look at all your imperfections it just brings in negativity.Do we really need to be negative in a world full of negative people?

Are you falling into that pit of what others tend to say?
Are you believing them?
Are you putting yourself down?
Did you used to have a burning passion?
Did someone or something put out that flame?

Well now is the time to step it up and begin feeling good about yourself, after all we are all different and unique and we should be embracing all our differences not putting them down.
Everyone has a different view of life, fun, laughter, what they see from their own eyes, the beauty is different for each one of us. so enjoy it!

We ALL have different goals, dreams, sense of humor, so embrace your talents and do not look at them as failures! When we stop looking at things this way many opportunities are just waiting for you to take hold and make it work, so when that door opens take a leap and see what you can make of it.

Are you afraid to take a step?
Are you afraid of failure?
Are you afraid of what others will think?
Are you lacking in the confidence area?

Well as each day brings a new sunrise and a new moon we should look at ourselves in this way, a new time to become more confident in ourselves!

Do you stress over simple things?
Do you say "oh i could never accomplish that?"
Do you have fear of trying something new?
Do you tend not to see the little things life is offering you?
Do you stay in your own little box and not step outside of the lines?

Embrace life to the fullest, make it fun, play in the rain, be goofy, after all we can make our life a fun responsible way to live. Remember the little joys of things we did as kids? Well take a look back at all the fun things you did, the little jokes, the games you played, why not bring out a board game and play with people. After all in order to not become depressed is to have fun, so call someone , spend a bit of time revisiting old fun things, bring new & old traditions back into your life. 

So start the new year off with a bang, LOVE YOU for YOU :) If you are feeling like some of the questions i have listed, answer them, and reflect on how to make it better, you need to take care of you before you can fully take care of someone or something else in your life.

As for me, i ask myself these questions all the time, and i do fall into that horrid pit! BUT no more, this is the year of new beginnings and great things to come to all of us. Sometimes we get stuck in that box, but hey it is cardboard so go ahead and and start cutting out a window, then the door and take a leap outside, color it with all your love and passion and let everyone see how you are blossoming this year!!  EMBRACE you!!!! LOVE you!!!! surround yourself with people who LOVE you for YOU!!!!!
Many hugs sprinkled upon you in your new loving year of your 1st step for you!

Now here is a few pictures of a wonderful happy baby, my grandbabe Jake, everyday he wakes up happy, ready for a new beginning, a new day of learning, a new day of laughter, a new day of being loved immensely, babies have no idea what happened yesterday and they know who truly loves them. They trust with all their heart & soul for them to be taken care of with love , respect, being safe, and they feel the joys of every day. They are dependent on family. So take a step back and view some things from a child's eyes, learn again how to be joyful for the simple things of life :)

Jake & me, 
my grandma name is Ginnie, 
this was taken 
December 26th ,2011

This is how Jake wakes up, he didn't even have his breakfast yet!!  
happy boy he is :)
This is Christmas morning
Yeaaaa i have a new crib toy with a mirror!! 
he was sooo happy to see this,
i guess he thinks
"now i will have someone to talk to when i wake"....lolol 

This is Jake with his great, great, grandfather. He spent the whole time loving Jake and giving him kisses and telling him all about things he did and told us to keep telling him stuff so he will know all about his great, great grandfather. It was so priceless and brought joy to your heart to see such love happening here between them both. Jake was so comfortable in his arms that he actually fell asleep while playing with a toy while being held. Babies know who love them !!  they feel it in their little bodies :)

So everyone, embrace YOUR life, make it a good one, make it special, make it something you will remember, make positive changes, and remember everyday is a new day to be explored!!!!

MANY hugs to all and sprinkling some glittering rainbow dust of love to you all!!!

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