Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A few little bits of seasonal happiness :)

LipSmackinCreations will be at Flea Market Madness' Philly market! 
 Sunday, December 18 at 10:00am -3:30pm
Asylum Arena 7 W Ritner Street Philadelphia Pa 19148 .. South Philly, next to Forman Mills/22 E Wolf StDirections . Free Parking Map

I will be bring some new creations to this event :)  
So if anyone is in the area stop over to my booth and say Hi :) would love to meet you !!!

pop over to my shop of happiness and browse thru all my goodies

These are 2 of the most SCRUMPTIOUS
cups of warm goodness.

These are my "Bundles of Love" a few to choose from, all ready to give to someone special and the best part is... i will donate money to a food famine charity when each of these bundles are purchased :) Set up by the wonderful group of Team MadCap.

And now for the Pet Lovers out there, I have make your own treats! They are yummy and I sell out completely when I do shows. I take almost 36 boxes of this mix, &  the ones who bought at the last year show were so excited to see them back. They would buy 5 boxes!!  These are super simple to make and your Fur Baby will absolutely be drooling for more!

These are a Holiday seasonal item. Who would love to have these sitting around. They are festive, yummy, and such a special treat for Santa :) 
When my kids were small we told them Santa needs a cuppa coffee to go with his cookies, so we would set a pot of fresh coffee and cookies out before going to bed. It was a few years I got away with this till one day my daughter said" mom I think your Santa because everyone says Santa like milk & cookies" & I told her no he drinks coffee!..". lolololol  so that's how she figured out the no Santa... heeheeee , but heck I needed the coffee, I was always doing the shopping & wrapping on Christmas eve!!  It was so fun!!. 
Now that all my children are all grown and we have a new grandbaby to carry on all the fun family traditions with.  Grandbabe Jake already loves sitting in front of the lighted tree playing with me. I used to do this with my mommom so now i can pass on the relaxation and peace of the holiday season and instill in the next generation that its all about family not what you want or what you get, but a time of being peaceful and learning to enjoy and cherish memories & stories of past, present & future days to come. He will be just 5 1/2 months old but never to little to start to instill the good & peace of the holidays :)

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