Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentines Love!!!

SO this is for the GUYS out there who want to surprise their sweetie with something yummy!!  My Products are SUPER SIMPLE, so you will be able to make a gourmet meal in no time and it will taste and look amazing, so pop on over to check out my breakfast line , and  btw, just look at those crepes' , who could resist that for a breakfast in bed????
And not a Crepes' kinda person well we have got pancakes , waffles, and some lovely hot drinks to go with that cozy meal,

Or how about some "Spanks" seasonings?  This is a awesome breakfast and simple as can be! Sprinkle "Spanks" on eggs and ooolalala :)

How about some "Country Soul"? You can make some fabulous dinner meals that look & feel gourmet and that you took all day making it in reality most of the work is done for you, and you get all the credit!! how about that for "brownie points"
and don't forget dessert, this will definitely impress, grab the whipped cream give it a squirt and wow, look what you did!!!

And of course if having fruit ;)  i have a few tasty sweet seasonings that compliment and bring out the flavors of your fruit, 
so I Triple Dare ya guys to try to make a romantic, sweet, valentines meal , go on what is the worst that can happen.... at least you will get the good points for trying. and if need instructions or ideas as what to make with the seasonings, don't be afraid to send me a message with questions or help, i would LOVE to help!!
Have fun shopping and i can send it discretely so your better half wont find out ;) and I can also do a custom pack just for you ! It will be your very own combo pack. You convo me with what your likes are and  How is that for shopping?  Easy as pie!!!
till next time, 

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jewelry by NaLa said...

Okay, would it be wrong for me to be drooling at this point??

Delicious looking delicacies!