Saturday, January 29, 2011

the fairy tale begins...........

wouldnt you love to be the princess that holds the key to the castle awaiting your prince charming so you can drop it form the window.... ahh the fairy tale begins, stop by her shop and be wisked away :)

Key to the Castle Necklace

Or how about being lost in time just like Alice in Wonderland, this enchanting necklace will spark those childhood memories of peace in a simple time.

Time is Eternal - Alice Clock inspired

you will be pleasantly whisked away in a wonderland of treasures :)
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Now for the lovely ladies who like me, have a family room that turned magically into the infamous  "man cave" , heeheee i came across this shop and his man cave quilt, totally fell in love with it so here it is!

Throw Quilt with Vintage Tapestry backing Man Cave Comfort 54" x 42"
This is the one side and the next picture is the other side.
Beautiful work done by:
stop over and visit his shop, check out the detail and love that is put into all the work. Tell him LipSmackinCreations sent you :)

Next is a favorite for those of you who have that precious little girly princess, but who loves to get down and dirty, in the sand, dirt, trucks, running to keep up with the boys, but want to wear that beautiful dress. Which we tend to say, "umm not today honey it will get ruined". Well this shop has the answer for that. The creative, fun, funky, colorful, hold up to ALL activity, wash n wear, grow with you, so definitely budget friendly, but the beautiful princess can be keeping up with a very active child hood :)  pop on a pair of legging and a different look is made from dress to a baby doll shirt, many possibilities with one simple piece :)

She is always coming out with some awesome original work, check out the details in these pictures.
She reminds me of Edward scissor hands, she just goes with that creative, but practical, fun funky ideas in her head. She also caters to those nights when it is stressful and we all know how kids sometimes hate bath time , well how about buying them their very own soap and soft wash cloth, they will want a bath now!
and the best part is there are many scents to choose from. I have had the pleasure of testing these and let me say I LOVE them!!
And now to end with bedtime...... so many times children have had a very busy day and are not quite ready to wind down, and it seems like that is when their imagination starts to run wild!!  Your at your wits end with ideas to help then realize "there are no monsters in your room"  This is a normal part of childhood and why not turn is around with out being frustrated? Well Half Pint has made a MunChTerS! This little critter will snuggle up to your babe and munch and crunch all those scary things away!!
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Remember it is better in the handmade world and when you have the time surf the etsy site, you will find some amazing things!! 
I have a few more to brag about but have to wait because one of them is a special gift for someone special ;) (amber) and i don't want to give it away, heeeheee  .
so stop by say hi and enjoy!!

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