Saturday, January 8, 2011

breakfast :} yummmmmm

So this is what i am soooooooo getting ready to enjoy for breakfast, take a peek it is so yummy, good start to the day, and taste scrumptious & without all those preservatives and globs of sugar! Perfect breakfast treat for a cold snowy day..... yea!!!!!  in less then 5 minutes i will be having a gourmet good for you breakfast :)

I'm Kim...the proud owner of LipSmackinCreations  
I am officially approved by: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Satisfy your Soul with one "Stop-n-Shop" with LipSmackinCreations,
~~Original Gourmet Flavors ~~ Pre-Measured Mixes Made Easy for YOU ~~
Thanks for stopping in- grab a comfy chair, something to drink and enjoy all my goodies that are in the shop, from, cookies & seasonings all the way to "pancakes with attitude!" I offer a variety of taste tempting, good to the soul mixes.
Whatcha think? ~~~SHIPPING INCLUDED for U.S. customers~~~
DESIGNER cloth bag made by: Half-Pint Creations!
Handmade Decorative boxes made by LipSmackinCreations
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