Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hi :)
So, I have lots of exciting things coming up in the next few months!!! yeaaa, and once i get the dates i will post, but for now, all i can say is yea!!!!
On valentine's day, T & J will find out what the baby is going to be!!!!!  So exciting :D Then comes the decorating, showers, baby things, so cant wait!!  T, has already told me how she would like the baby's room painted and done, so my dear sweet friend, who i put as my "partner in crime" will be doing the room. she is a wonderful artist and painter, decorator, has this flair for the wonderful world of fun, funky, fabric, vibrant colors, but not in a chaotic sense but in a clam sense that brings peace to you, but shares the colorful world. So cant wait :)

So this blog is short & sweet, but on the hunt for some new goodies to share, so stay warm and dry and keep your head lifted high!!!

today i am gonna make a triple dare cake for tomorrows dinner, yippeeesss, and i am going to experiment with goodies for all of the wonderful people who need decaff, and sugar substitutes, hope it turns out on at least the 3rd try !!   LOL
So over to the right is a little "auto buy phone looking thing", click on the feed back and see what people are saying about their yummy purchases from LipSmackinCreations :D
xoxoxo, kimmi

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