Sunday, January 2, 2011


HI everyone, so many have you have been wondering about those weekly
progress reports that show up with a baby? well it is not a game as
some of you thought ,heeheee . It is Tayls and Jimmy are going to have a
baby!!!! yea!!! I am gonna be a granmomma, with the nick name
..."Momma." It seems so fitting being that EVERYONE calls me Momma!!!! we
are excited for them and cant till the due date of July 12th!!!
 So many new wonderful adventures awaits this year!!  From my children to my business i am soooo looking forward to it.  Maybe some day i can retire and have a cozy cabin in the middle of nowhere in the beauty of nature with a warm fire in winter and a comfort breeze in summer, ahhh the simple pleasures of this reminds me of all the  times with my mommom & poppop 
(Ruth & Blake) Fisher. My whole time with them and the comfort they gave me. Knowing they would keep me safe when i was there, the gentleness, the love that sparked from their eyes. The feel, the touch, the smells, are wonderful memories that nobody can take, they are mine,and full of peace & comfort. From the smell of a garage , to instant coffee, to hay to pumpkin pie.
This is something i will cherish and hold onto forever. I want to be the best grandma, just like my mommom & poppop were to me, they showed me the beauty the world has, the beauty a loving soul has and how to make you feel that!! it has been many years since they passed, but the memories i have, the feelings i have , make it seem like i saw or talked to them moments ago :)
I guess when it comes down to it , "you can't take the country outta a girl"!! they were plain country folks who instilled some country soul in me with their heart to mine. I will do the same with my children & their children and so on!!!
Till next post lots of love xoxoxoxo

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