Thursday, December 30, 2010

gourmet view

Do you love the feeling of making that awesome meal?
Do you find yourself making the same old dishes?
Well,now is the time for you to get creative!!
I LOVE the gourmet feel and excitement that goes into that perfect dish. Being able to use one product for a multitude of dishes is pure pleasure, and gives you the ability to let your inner creative chef  POP!!! 
People will be amazed at your new found talent in the Gourmet but Simplified world of FOOD!
Check out  they have the Simple Gourmet answer's for you.
We have created the most amazing flavors for your taste buds pleasure.
All the goodies from LipSmackinCreations are my own creative mixes, filled passion, love, soul & sass!!!
So start your new year with us :)
I will have exciting things that are super easy, but gives you the feel of a luxurious gourmet meal without all the hassles but filled with ALL the flavor!!  
So stop by:
JANUARY   1,   2011
re-opening shop with awesome new gourmet goodies!!!!
make sure to stop by :D

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