Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is a Reflection......

We have had a lot going on and in 3 small weeks the lovely grand babe Jake will make his arrival!!   we are all so excited for this next adventure that life holds for us :D  SO will definitely having a blog coming up on Baby Jake :)

 This blog post is going to be short, sweet and a thinker. :D i wish i had pictures to post with it , but not this time.

Now off to REFLECTIONS....  we all know that they can be anywhere. We catch a glimpse of ourselves passing by a window, car mirror, ponds, video cameras, pictures, mirrors ,even a shiny toaster, a spoon almost ,anything can capture a reflection.
My questions are these :

WHO do you see when you think of your reflection?
WHAT do you see when you think of your reflection?
WHERE was your aha moment regarding your reflection?
WHEN did you notice a change in your reflection?
WHY did this change take place?
HOW did this happen?

Close your eyes and relax and think of these questions, our REFLECTIONS are not what is only seen by the outside appearance's, but what is inside us that shines out. 
 How can we be one way with others, like putting on the mask and the full show, to be something different to the outside world?
We are acting and playing a part with the mask on to be what we want them to see.  But in reality the reflection will reflect back to you and you will have to be the one to be comfortable with the ripples in your pond.
So how is your reflection? We all have ripples in our reflections, but what are yours doing to others and your life?
Do you treat others better then your family?
Do you give respect to the elderly?
Do you condemn people for how they choose to live?
Do you judge for their lifestyle they choose?
Do you only live for yourself to be happy and no one else?
Do you help someone because you want to or because you'll get something out of it?

So  we all need to take some time and really figure out what we want and need and feel about ourselves. How are we going to slow down/stop all  those ripples of ignorance ,judgemental, hateful, hurtful, insincere.and not accepting people as a real person. 

So when are we  taking off the mask?

Are we just being attached to something because it is a habit, or afraid of change?
Are you willing to keep it real?
Are you willing to LOVE with all your heart, mind, soul?
Are you able to be free and comfortable with the decisions you make?

All these things have been on my mind the past few weeks from watching others and myself. Looking closely at things in my life, watching the changes around me, nature, the simplicity of things. I know i do not want to wear a mask! I am the biggest goofball, have lots of DUH moments, lots of things that don't make sense to others, live in my " bubble" world, and most times in my own dreams. I want to be something to someone, i want to be kind, loving, generous, and soul filled with all the happiness i can give.
I love being me :)

Sometimes it is hard to be yourself when you fear the criticism & judgement, when you speak whats on your mind, and wait for the judgement of others to come your walking on eggshells just to be yourself.

   SO how are we going to fix our ripples?

xoxoxoxoox till next post :)

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