Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hi :D
It has been a long time since i last updated so here is some random thoughts, ideas, things that have been on my brain, yes I said brain ...:)   I really do have one  , well most times it is on vacation in a happy land of fun, creativity, happiness, joy, peaceful, simple living :) 
 Yes it sounds crazy, but let me just tell you it helps!!   Sometimes you need a break from reality and i don't mean go and mess things up and be horrible to people i just mean DREAM, dream of things, find things that make you happy that are pleasant and beautiful. Bring out your inner child and play in the dirt, ride a bike,heck go look for bugs , catch a frog,!!!  
You will instantly feel free and want to go barefoot and take a walk in the grass, grab your camera take random pictures of stuff. You do not have to be a professional to enjoy picture taking.
We all know i am no where near a professional , but i so enjoy taking my camera and taking photo shoots of random things, and capturing the conversations i had with a beauty of a cow, YES a conversation, I mooed he mooed, i mooed back, and he mooed back, then it dawned on me "oh crap! there is a parking lot of cars next to me on this random country road??  wait what is it, oh my gosh a small business, wow I know they are laughing at this nut talking to  a cow!!"
So not only did i have fun , but i am so sure that the people inside were laughing, so i made someone  else's day as well.   :D

Now that you met my friend Mooo, off on another random thing.

I spent the day in Media with family & my little niece (who is 5) we went to go see a show at the theater, Snow White, it was wonderful and not exactly like the story, they had minors instead of dwarfs, and a few other things, but anyhow, my niece Libs & I decided we were gonna be princess's for the day, so I wore a little black dress with a splash of red, my nice black heels & some earrings, put on some makeup , Libs wore her beautiful snow white dress along with her "black heels" i brought her a bracelet and we even had some "magical princess spray"!!,which by the way i think it works because, as we were walking into the theater there is this huge wall to wall mirror, and Libs caught a glimpse of herself and we were holding hands and stopped dead in her tracks and jerked me back and said "aunt Kim look I am a beautiful princess!!"  then she moves us closer and we just looked at each other thru the mirror. This is the beauty of a child , not seeing any flaws but only beauty, she looks at me and says" we are princess's" gives me a big huge smile , hugs and kisses, then with out skipping a beat turns back to the mirror and says , " aunt kim , you need to fix this piece of hair , it is sticking up!!!!!!   Let me tell you i was laughing so hard, she is so funny and just such a mini me I love it!!!

Ok so after the show we decide to go eat at the place my oldest son works at, we actually SKIPPED thru the parking lot and into the door , happy no cares of who was looking at us or laughing, i know i must have been looking like i was being the dorky dwarf but it was FUNNNNNN !!!  we skipped all day held hands and laughed in our own little world!!
So now here we are in my sons place of work taking random pictures, my son & me and even the  princess poses and all and MOST important having fun, (still dressed as princesses).
Then we went to Rose Tree  School to the strawberry festival, now my nephew Henry was with us, but Libs and i still in princess dress, skipping in front of bunches of people, dancing to the music that was playing, eating HUGE chocolate covered strawberries, and strawberry shortcake, loaded with whip cream, yummmmmmmmm, getting her face painted with a beautiful purple glittery butterfly, (yes she loves purple too & glitter she is a mini meeee  :)) while Henry is over at the fish game and won 3 FISH with   1 ball, and 1 fish previous to that so a total of 4 fishy, he gave me one and named it Marvin,lol. Now I couldn't take home Marvin yesterday cause i though he would boil on the way home, so Henry is babysitting him for me  :)
We spent over 2 hours at the fair, i ran into so dear friend, Dawn & met her Brother's wife , and watch my poppop "The Chief" become surrounded with some lovely older ladies while he is sitting on the bench all decked out looking so fine!! We just need to get him a pimp mobile, lol.( that was  Timmy's telling from Dawn to me ) To those of you who do not know , my Grandfather Was The Chief at New Providence and retired from there. He is also the man who started out the football team Rose Tree Colts, if it wasn't for him there may not have been a successful football team. To watch him at age 90, walk around and talk to many generations of people, form the older ladies he seems to attract, to the men, the new football players and to encourage all the youngster is amazing at 90yrs old!!  he is the Chief & always will be, and that is what everyone knows him by. He gets special treatment WHEREVER he goes because everyone just loves him so!
Ok so for now i think i have caught you up on a bit, and when i find or take new princess pictures i will post
xoxoxoxoooxoxoxo  to all and thanks for reading

Now the only part that is bothering me is hat i cant find all the wonderful pictures i took with my camera yesterday, I guess they are floating around somewhere in the internal or external chip inside the lovely camera, so my solution to this is , if I cant find them , then i guess i have to have another princess day with the magical spray and Libs and I can do it all over again!!!
YEAAAAA  sounds like a good fix to a slight mishap  what do you think??  wannna  come play and skipp and use some magic princess spray a.k.a. bath n body spray dark kiss,mmmmm   maybe the name has something to do with me feeling like a princess....... but i am so thankful for the magical day i had in the land of a 5yea old :)
Hopefully pictures will be following soon  !!!!! 
kimmmi   till next fairy tale day, Once upon a time.........:D


Shell said...

Sounds like you need another princess day!

Kimmi said...

i sure do!!!!!!