Monday, August 29, 2011

You have no electric!!!!! well then......

CALL ME CRAZY!!!!!!  but i love the fact that every now and them we lose electric. I feel a sense of calmness, peace, back to nature, no rushing around, no chaos, no blaring TVs, i will say i miss the music, but that is short missed when i get into the simple pace. Yes no electric means not having the "conveniences of the world" BUT when you know there is a possibility of yours going out, you prepare with simplicity and it shall be fun , in my opinion :)
So this is my prep that i put up on my Face Book Page:

Southern/ Ghetto way to prepare for no electric :) the Kimmi way :)

by Kimberly Fisher Kramer on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 9:53am
so NOT the flylady way :(  but gotta make the best of it, :)  we never have flashlights, in all these years, so off to find more candles, i have a basket of crappy ones i keep for emergency  :)

prepares for storm list:
* flashlight - nope
*1 gal h2o per person- nope
*meds- dogs & mine yeppers!!!
*gas grill-yepps
*frozen the food so when it thaws cookout :)
**candles -yess
**games- yesss
           *tub of water ........
tried but it wont stay in the tub, must be a leaky plug, hahahah , BUT i can put a bucket outside and get water, need to find bucket now..... and there better not be a hole in it or I'll be singing "there's a hole in my bucket dear Liza, dear Liza, then fix it dear Henry , dear Henry"   ,  i crack myself up sometimes!!!  LOLOLOLOL
I am so ready to pretend to be Amish lolololol  be safe everyone,:)
thinking we should do the fire pit this afternoon and cook up some left over chicken sausages with spices and dried tomatoes, best sausage ever!!! and then we wont have to worry about it going out , the rain will take care of it  :)

Now with all that being said, i wanted and asked everyone to play games : nope, hubs was worried about the trees, limbs, no electric, saying this sux , yada yada yada.......  well I have  hot coffee, sitting in woman cave, a.k.a sun room, and my lovely phone that no one saw the importance of till the outage!!  hahahahha . Hubs said , sooo what can that thing do, i kindly replied, "what do you want it to do?" he said the weather, i said yep, it can do anything.... YEA for my phone going from "not being important to needed"  luv my little cell phone :) So he was on there checking out the weather, even his FB , LOLOLOLOL.
So now back to the story, during all this prep and what we were going to cook on grill ect... i had a memory of the flood we had when we lived in MD in the early 2000, and no electric for 3-4 days and i tried to cook steak -ums on the grill, i will  say NEVER do this,i even had it in a baking dish, covered with foil,  the next thing was the grill had flames blasting all out of it!!!! so that was my last experience with a gas grill. Then when we lived in Pequea Pa, we would get flooded out alot and relied on the gas grill because once again no electric, well the one time we were cooking food in the house and wham there it went , everything off, so no problem grillin time, well 1./2 way thru the gas ran out.......we were truly stuck water 4 foot almost up to porch from the Conestoga flooding we had telephone poles floating by, huge trees, lawn furniture ect.... not exaggerating, some day i will find the picture and post them.So i had to make the comment that i hope we don't run out of gas like in Pequea.........
SO i wanted some of my Triple Dare Chocolate Cake:
yummmmmyyy right... my thoughts too, well i thought about it and came up with this, a water bath and cupcakes can be done on the grill!!! they thought i was super crazy, and saying it will never happen , it wont work so here is the process i used by WHAT i had on hand!!!
this is my "make shift water bath" larger cookie sheet has water in it , flipped over smaller sheet to fit and make a place for the cups to sit on with out getting wet .
So here they are ready to have a nice foil tent over them, don't they look yummy:)   chocolate, and more chocolate yummmmmm :)
Now here they are all covered lovingly and ready for the GRILL!!!! YEPPPEERRRSSS  i did say grill. Now at this whole process the peanut gallery is saying "its not gonna work, your crazy, your nuts, cant believe your even trying this", well i was saying the opposite!!   It is gonna work & if it doesn't "oh well at least i tried!"  Now this is what my creative brain does to me,
The Southern / Ghetto" way is what i call it.
I draw upon my life's experiences, and try things, i have the out look of "anything is worth a try, if you don't try how will you know how to succeed!! :)
Well now i get the crazy looks from everyone as i am ready to pop these babies on the grill along with our lunch, well my hubs, being a follow by the book, its not gonna work in the grill,well guess what the grill was on for 10 minutes and IT RAN OUT OF GAS!!!!!   hahhahahahahhaha   i just had to laugh, no one else thought it was funny, but i thought of memories,and ironic how it happened again.. SO now hubs is calling people to see who is open, who has gas, ect..  so there sits out lunch and dessert on grill for 15 minutes just hanging out. 
So now we are back in business gas is on grilling and i am tryin to chillin with it all and then the this happens....
Hubs kept lifting the foil, saying there gonna burn, your gonna ruin your pans....ect.... I was thinking well, pans are from the dollar tree, oh well, and if it burns oh well, ...... ,So now he pulls off our lunch , we are eating it, cup cakes still on grill . 
Now comes his 
neurotic tendencies
check the temp,what is it at,are they burning, gas grills cook theory is this and i said "i don't want to have to check it ever 2 minutes, or worry about the temp. I want people to know if they don't have electric and want something that is traditionally baked in oven, they can do it on a grill. My goodies are to be simple, but with that BANG of GOURMET!!!
So how do you think they turned out????  well let me show you, now keep in mind i made 2 dozen plus a square size cake, the caked before baking drizzled globs of caramel topping on top of batter:) 
Well here is the experiment and the faces of the naysayers were priceless!!!!!

Fresh off the GRILL :)

fresh off grill & ripped into with the amazing aroma of all the yummmy smells of chocolate :=}
just look at the delicate, creamy ,moist texture, of my Triple dare, and i guess the name fits since i was in a way "DARED"  so to speak that it would never work!!!  they didn't even burn!! they did what they were supposed to!! yeaaaa;)
their faces were priceless, they had no words, YES i ROCKED it hillbilly style in my flannel, jeans, hair up, but with my southern/ ghetto sweets of making due with what you have :)  i am sooo proud of myself, now here is a picture of cake before being cooked,

now after it was cooked they dove in it so the picture, well there is none, but yess it was amazing!!!! just like they were done in the oven!!
Enjoy these last few pictures, I had caramel & chocolate ice cream topping to drizzle on  and even made whipped topping old skool way, (put all ingredients in a container with lid and shook the heck out of it) I think i rocked the storm out!!
Later on in the day, my daughter and i ended up playing a few games of rummy, dishes done Little House on the Prairie style, with buckets of water, and a sweet peaceful day for  mee!! :)

so don't let things or circumstances stand in your way. A little bit of thinking outside the box and being creative, even if no one is on your side, take the leap and try!!! You will never know unless you try it :)
one final thing was said to me was this:
"you are a real hillbilly, flannel and cupcakes on the grill"
loved the challenge of this and they loved the out come, now remember i told you i made 2 dozen which is 24, well there is 2 left, this morning, and the 9x9 pan was 1/2 gone last night, haven't checked it out this morning , but it tells me they were yummy!!!!
SO this is my adventure during the storm!!!!!
never let a storm hold you back, go with the wind and rain and make something special out of it.
Oh one last thing i had no candle holders so this is what i used ...:)

Mason jars rock it out for ANYTHING!!!!!!
Hoped you enjoy the blog as much as i enjoyed "The Challenge" 
In my happy, bubbly, mind i won the competition :)



Gaylynn said...

Oh my goodness. Grill baking at it's best. :) Now following here, hopped over from fb.

Jennifer said...

Loved your storm story Kimmi, and all the naysayers who turned out to be wrong, it reminds me of the story of the little red hen cooking bread, have you heard that one? Your cupcakes look so delicious now my mouth is watering too!

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