Saturday, March 12, 2011


Good Morning all my readers *_*
what a beautiful day to SPRING forward, don't forget tonight is the night to set the clocks 1 hour ahead!!  I really  believe this is the 1st year i have got the right week!  I know y'all are saying yeppss that is a Kimmi thing....  I have always been on the wrong week awaiting springs arrival. I love spring & fall, they are my best seasons. The beauty of all the wonderful things popping up, changing, colors and smells are heightened, Just the pure beauty of nature at it's best , in my mind. I am a lil' ole'  country girl, with the farm, flowers, garden even down to animals.
When i was growing up it was in a little country town, where there was only 1 other neighbor! The bus stop was actually a few miles away and  our mom had to drive us. The spring rain brought lots of mud puddles, mud fights, and pure simple fun. The days of sun were for the garden, feeding the chickens, ducks, bunnies. Eating fresh veggies straight from the plant is a true indulgence. peas, green bean, tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, and even crab apples, all tasted so good. These are the simple things that stick in your mind.
Back then, things were so different, we were allowed to drive the truck at age 10, mow grass, run a tractor, hay bails, loading up for the animals on my grandparents farm, fishing at the pond across the way, running around barefoot, then having dinner at noon time when you came in to enjoy a pure country spread.
I could go on ALL day about the simple life, But for now this is it :)

I am on my way to a show in Media Pa, sponsored thru Penn State !!  should be a wonderful time.
Amber and I are having some coffee, girl time, which makes us all giddy inside!! To go away, mmmm not sure I will know how to act.....  heeheee, We are going to be silly, girly, country, and fun lovin' girls  who live in their own world of happiness!!!!   yeaaaa  FUN FUN FUN  :)
So Stop on by and visit my booth and get a big ol country hug  :)LipSmackinCreations

Town Talks Spring Indoor Craft & Arts show

SUNDAY , March 13th from ~ 10am-4pm ~

Route ...352 Yardsley Mill Road Media PA.

Lots of specials, see ya soon :D

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